Prepare for some mayhem when listening to Ära Krâ. This death metal band from Germany knows how to knock your socks off or wipe sleep from your eyes in an instant.

I’m not exactly an expert in the metal genre, in fact my musical exposure to the genre is limited to Children of Bodom, In Flames and Lamb of God -if you count them as death metal. Nevertheless, Ferne Tage or roughly translated, “Distant Days,” is a pretty solid album filled with hardcore rock with good beats and ass-kicking vocals.

Released just last April 15th, the album comes with 7 free tracks that you can individually download. Although it’s mostly loud screaming and kickpedal drums, the songs are quite good. Sure, it might be hard for non metal lovers to appreciate the sound emanating from this band; the album is still equipped with tracks that are catchy and pretty much hardcore.

Opening with rolling drums and loud screaming; September, showcases the amount of energy these guys have to offer. The track serves as the perfect introduction to all the sweet chaos that awaits listeners. It’s followed by the 5 minute cut, Odem. Again, more skillful screaming and instrument work from the guys. IThe band is definitely trying to define their sound and put a stake onto solid ground.

Although this album doesn’t offer anything extremely new, it’s a very decent record. Recording quality is pretty good and clean. For a debut, it certainly has its merits and worth checking out for any death metal lover out there.

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