Here is a cute little game with its own twist of Good vs Evil. HeavenHell features a cute, round and fluffy angel and a similar looking devil, painted in Evil Red. The game’s architecture is physics-based and will appeal to gamer of every kind. Kiddies might just keep smiling, everytime this game is launched.

Developed by Nelphy Games, the game does not have any concept or a definite storyline, it is present just for the entertainment value and it surely does provide the player with a lot of just that.

HeavenHell needs a lot of logic to successfully complete the game. Players will need to tap the angel and demon to transport them into circles or squares, depending on the obstacles or the situation at a given time. The game is spread over 4 worlds and a whooping 80 levels, providing for a uninterrupted gameplay.

Visually the game is high on appeal and provides the game with the extra brownie points. Further, the character sketching and game worlds are also well executed to say the least. Overall, the game brings in a breath of relief from the HD graphic games which has invaded the mobile gaming scene and adds a new dimension to casual gaming. iOS version coming soon.

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