LA label Huh What & Where Recordings presents The Dutch, a collective album exhibiting the supreme beat making talents in The Netherlands.

The Dutch is unfailingly tremendous, combining the authentic talents of various contributors—Wantigga, L33, Vinyl Frontiers, Koen, Nangdo, Trian Kayhatu, Boeboe, Henning, Jeftuz, Vincent Paolo, Duke Hugh, Ramiks, Moods, and Louis Bordeaux.

The project is the innovation of producer/DJs Koen and Wantigga, who aim to give the listeners a “headphone music” that everyone could listen to while traveling or just wandering around.

Starting off this great compilation is Wantigga’s Like That. This unflustered love trap tune absolutely sets the mood for the incredible euro beats that this album promises.

My Love is a kaleidoscopic mix that emphasizes the fresh and raw characteristics of this album with the use of jazzy beats and sexy rhythms that would make the listeners play this album repetitively.


On the other hand, another style transpires, courtesy of the last track, Rain Showers. It stands out for its groovy tunes, which features low-key vocals, light synths, and guitar samples.

To wrap it up, this compilation is a conquest of evolving styles. From laid-back tunes to funky rhythms, The Dutch will definitely serve your mood right wherever and whenever you plan to travel, may it be to the calm beach or the bustling city nightlife.

Track List:
1. Wantigga – Like That
2. L33 – Cosmic Glide
3. Vinyl Frontiers – Freak
4. Koen – 1125
5. Nangdo – Talk 2 Me
6. Trian Kayhatu – Boy-band
7. Boeboe – Drift
8. Henning – Gettin’ Back Into Shape
9. Jeftuz – My Love
10. Vincent Paolo – An Act of Class
11. Duke Hugh – Rhodes 2 Day
12. Ramiks – Troutman Brown
13. Moods – Rain Showers
14. Louis Bordeaux – W.A.L.H.Y.

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