San Diego-bred band Delta Spirit fleshes out some alternative rock tunes in Lost & Found, a seven-piece collection that combines texture and gargantuan tunes that elicit full deep cuts.

Delta Spirit is the brainchild of Jonathan Jameson, Matthew Vasquez, Kelly Winrich, Brandon Young and William McLaren. The band serves a highly enjoyable nexus of rock and pop (with hints of surf musing at times), creating a sound that appeals to young and old fans. Their lyrics are largely inspired by the murder ballads of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

From Now On kicks off the album with rapid beats and grainy arrangements that fumes towards a punch-back chorus. The husky, sharp vocals feature a certain charm that makes you bob along each line.

A personal favorite, Gimme Some Motivation is a quirky mixture of soul/gospel folk and lush rock instrumentation. In this track, the band spins new flavors of alternative rock, creating a highly addictive piece that’s rhythmic and full of vigor.


Lush harmonica sounds and folk strings in People, Turn Around! concludes the band’s musical journey. Embellished with introspective well-penned lines, the track is a calming end to the rock-infused album.

Delta Spirit is not your ordinary alt rock indie band. In Lost & Found, the now Brooklyn-based artists prove that the talent and vision to amp up their music to the next level.

Track List:
1. From Now On
2. Gimme Some Motivation
3. Streetwalker
4. When In Roam
5. Crippler King
6. French Quarter
7. People, Turn Around!

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