Singer/songwriter Fola is ready to take over your playlists with pure flavor. In his latest mixtape Go, the young Londoner devours on unlimited dosages of pop, soul, and r&b.

Set to make his mark on the music scene, Fola started crafting his music at the young aged of 11 by joining talent competitions around London. In 2007, he entered in the tv show The X-Factor and toured with Grammy Award nominated singer Josh Groban for his Awake UK Tour. Since then, Fola has been working with talented producers, songwriters and vocal arrangers including Maleek Berry, DDark, J Warner, Davidb, and SOS to name a few.

Released last November 1, 2011, Go offers 13 superb songs for the artist’s ever growing fan base.

Title track Go blends style and experimentation in a coherent, listenable whole. The song builds as various musical elements are introduced to the piece.

Video Game ft Xploder follows with heart-thumping beats. Fola’s soothing delivery adds a soulful flair to the song’s hip hop sensibility.

The artist’s pop side is clearly showcased in Hitting the Road as its glowing arrangement and hooking chorus will captivate listeners.

Tracks like I’m Here, Open The Gates, and Round and Round make the perfect backdrop for chilling out. Living a Lie closes the collection with a feel-good treat as its sexy rhythm, steady drum beats, and amazing vocals deliver a pleasant closing surprise.

What makes Fola’s music special is how it extraordinarily moves and creates its own distinct personality. Go is something that’s worth hearing, even after a hundred times.

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