Pack your sunnies and flipflops and get ready to hit the beach with Urban Tropic‘s Paradise Demos. Featuring four tracks of lush tropical sounds, this album is the perfect anthem to chill and have a good time alone or with friends.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Urban Tropic is the brainchild of Alex Willard, Mark Stoke, Jess Wizzard, Evan Gosdanian, and Josh Altfater.

Jail Cell welcomes the ears with a vibrant combination of folk strings and reggae influences. The quirky banjo and string instrumentation seamlessly transitions to suave vocals for the ultimate vacation anthem.

The band follows the reggae mood with Motivation. Putting their own twist to laid-back music, the band mixes a bit of electronic keyboards and indie rock to their musical formula while maintaining the theme and atmosphere of the album.


Front Door, on the other hand, smoothly travel the ears with a hybrid of folk and reggae rhythms while electro keys and drums rumble and thumbs, creating a balance between easy-going and energetic tunes.

Urban Tropic is well along the path that they want to go through. Paradise Demos is an impressive collection that will let you sit back and just marvel to the felel-good, unassuming musical experience it has to offer.

Track List:
1. Jail Cell
2. Motivation
3. Apache Town
4. Front Door

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