Australian future classic artist HWLS released their self-titled EP composed of four bass-loving tracks that’s been creating a buzz on the indiescape.

The act’s solid sound productions is one of the main characteristics of the album that makes it stand out from the crowd. 001 welcomes our ears with three minutes of pure electro hip hop goodness. Loaded with bombastic beats and sharp but funky vocal samples, this is a digital piece that brims with style and sonic flavor.

The next track, 002, veers from the big beat arrangement and explores percussion-leaning melodies that brings you to Latin American soundscapes. While 003 sounds a bit futuristic with tripped-out electro tunes that balances space and texture.

A crowd favorite, 004 w/Noah Breakfast brings the mixture of electro and hip hop to the next level. Listen as bass-heavy tunes are weaved flawlessly with sharp electro tunes. Periodic pauses are strategically placed all throughout the track to induce excitement and playfulness.

All in all, HWLS is not your mediocre hiphop mixtape. The tracks here features high-caliber arrangement that’s both headphone- and speaker-friendly. So download and groove with this chill and solid album.

Track List:
1. 001
2. 002
3. 003
4. 004 w/ Noah Breakfast

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