Paint Monsters is a match three puzzle game from SGN, and if you love that stuff you’ll get a kick out of this one for sure. The game is brilliantly colored and the fast pace and challenging levels will keep you playing again and again. It doesn’t reinvent the connect three genre, but it adds something new.

Basically what you do in Paint Monsters is of course paint the monsters in large, vivid strokes to beat the dastardly Ink King and bring back color in their world. The game is quick to install and it comes with boosters that help you get through, adding a unique touch to the proceedings.

What makes Paint Monsters attractive is the graphics, as they’re bright and vivid, and the sound effects aren’t bad either. The number of canvases on the game increases as you play, and while the early levels are easy the succeeding ones are more challenging. There is also a wide array of combos and boosters available to help you complete the levels.

The character design is very good and there are plenty of environments to explore as well, and you can get a lot of unique power ups and collectibles as well. The more colors you can paint the more obstacles you’ll be able to blast and get through.

As far as gameplay goes Paint Monsters will be enjoyed by those who love puzzles, and even if you’re new to this you’ll find it enjoyable. If you have played these kinds of games before, the mechanics will be familiar, but if not you’ll still enjoy it.

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