Gram Games is known for their mobile puzzles, and Six is one of their latest offerings. It is a physics based puzzle wherein you help a hexagon block reach the bottom. It sounds simple enough, and just the right kind for casual gamers who like to play in shorts bursts.

To help the hexagon block get down, you have to remove the geometric shapes a piece at a time. Tap a shape to remove, and if done successfully your hexagon block goes down and you score points. Think of Six as a hybrid of Tetris and Jenga.

The game probably sounds too easy, but you have to be careful when tapping so the hexagon block doesn’t fall. If you tap a block and the hexagon falls, you’re done for. This means you have to think carefully about which blocks you delete as it could tip the hexagon over.

One benefit of Six is there is no time constraint, so just take your time when playing. While you cannot tap two blocks at the same time, you can tap one and another one to remove them. This is a technique you can use if the hexagon is on the verge of falling. As you get used to the game, you will be able to make several quick taps and clear rows.

Six uses a simple formula, but it works and serves as a good example of how mobile casual games should be. Apart from the regular mode, there’s a challenge mode if you’re feeling competitive.

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