Dots is a simple color matching puzzle game, but developer Betaworks made sure that it offered more than other games in the genre in terms of fun. The game was actually the result of a happy accident, as it was brought about by interaction design experiments. No matter its origins, the result is very enjoyable.

Dots has a very straightforward and streamlined interface, and your objective is to remove as many of the dots on the board as you can in a minute. The more dots you remove, the higher your score will be. To remove the dots you must match at least two colors, so drag your finger straight from one matching dot to another.

Once the link is established, the dot disappears. The board fills it up with new dots, but you’ll be awarded points for the dots you removed. If you’re able to connect four colored dots in a square, the board removes all the dots that have that color. Once you’ve played enough, you will realize just how important making squares are to getting high scores.

Dots also lets you compare high scores with your friends at Facebook and Twitter, which is a nice touch. Dots is a fun game even in single player, but of course the chance to compare scores with your friends makes it even more so. But there’s more to the game than that though, as you can get power ups to reach higher scores. In addition, Dots provides a number of other options like Time Stops, Shrinker and others that enhance the gaming experience.

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