For a mere side project, Knoxband easily impresses with its eerie and quiet electronic/post rock/diy touch. Spearheaded by Vru Patel, the outfit first came out back in 2005.

Combining a host of musical influences, the album is filled with a variety of genres; all packed into a tight, sonically pleasing sound that easily lets listeners drift into the unknown world.

Emerging From the Shadows is a 2010 EP that contains about 6 epic cuts. The shortest is about 6 minutes while the rest offer up entertainment running more than 10 minutes each.

There’s actually just one track running throughout the record. It’s divided into six different singles each with their own length. Track I opens with a slow electronic pop vibe with smooth vocals and great beats incorporated in the cut. The sonic synths resonate throughout and create a moody single with a slight dance vibe.

Track II is a prolonged instrumental cut the serves as a soundtrack to the musical journey. Comprised of a steady beat and some skillful synth work, it’s a simple cut that moves the EP along. Tracks III and V are the longest ones contained in the record, each clocking in over 13 minutes. Finally, Track VI, closes the EP in a haunting fashion. With only 6 minutes, it paints a picture of dark clouds and a moody atmosphere with the occasional rhythms popping up here and there.

For an ambient, experimental/electronic record, this one’s a nice companion. It easily conjures up images of ¬†dark night skies and cold winter mornings with orange sunrise and sunsets decorating the Earth. Take a listen to the EP. If you like what you hear, grab the download and spread the word. Enjoy!

Track List
1.Emerging From The Shadows I 10:51
2.Emerging From The Shadows II 11:33
3.Emerging From The Shadows III 13:04
4.Emerging From The Shadows IV 11:06
5.Emerging From The Shadows V 13:24
6.Emerging From The Shadows VI 06:52

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