There is “sharefulness” in the music biz again as Cologne Commons has released “Be Shareful,” its third compilation of ambient music featuring electro-folk chillout sounds.

The first and second Cologne Commons music compilations were well-received by music enthusiasts around the world, which makes this third issue a much awaited follow up. As in the past editions, this compilation is named after Cologne City in Germany, where a festival for free music is held every year.

My favorite in this music compilation is the second track, “This Is How I Feel Now” by Zmitser Von Holzmann. It is soothing all throughout, with very discreet percussions evoking an energy that is somewhere between melancholic and sanguine; in other words, it’s just the perfect mood. It has a somewhat hypnotic effect that makes you feel tranquil and free from the heaviness of daily worries and responsibilities. It’s a great background music for yoga, and you can play it over and over while having a much needed aromatherapy or massage at home!

Track Listing
01 Soundmap of Cologne – Aachener Weiher – Schlittschuhlauf an Silvester (03:21)
02 Zmitser von Holzmann – This is how i feel now (03:08)
03 Bobby Baby – Goodbye Love – Goodnight Version by Peloton (05:43)
04 Shlohmo – For you pt. 2 (05:02)
05 Afion – Abstract Feeling (03:42)
06 Monokle – Warm Control (06:26)
07 Digi G’Alessio – Breakfast with Jesus (01:41)
08 Mosaik – Leandi (04:32)
09 Small Radio – By any means (04:52)
10 DasBlaueMonster – Technician (08:39)
11 Henrik Jose – Possibilities (04:52)
12 Deef – Brainstation (02:33)

Enjoy this compilation; use it wisely. It’s meant for you to enjoy & share, as it is released again under Creative Commons in celebration of sharing and free quality music.

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