Spinning Into Control by I Am This is a tightly-packed drum n’ bass album. From fast beats to slow beats, and various electronica-techno breakbeats, this music album is surely packed with all those beats that can get you going from start to the end.

This album features the popular track Sea of Something, garnering almost 1400 listens in Jamendo.

We couldn’t find out more about ‘I Am This,’ except that his track Sea of Something is constantly featured in Jamendo’s Electro/Dance Radio Station. He also has a number of fans, and it seems like ‘Sea of Something’ has spread over a number of social networks including Twt.FM and Last.FM.


Spinning Into Control has 8 tracks, although the 8th track isn’t really a music track, but a collection of samples which I am This gives to his listeners. You may use the samples to create your own music under the Creative Commons license that he has stated with this album.

I am This has 4 albums: adhDJ, BLAPP, spinning into control, and paragon. All of his albums are mixtures of drum ‘n’ bass, acoustic-electronic, breakbeats, and a lot of experimental stuff. Seems like he really has an ear for such music, because they all sound pretty nice.

My personal favorites are, of course, Sea of Something, with its duplex sounds of guitars that tickle the ears (it absolutely sounds cool with a pair of headphones) and Stray Strumming. I guess I am quite a sucker for those eclectic guitar strings.

Now who says drum ‘n’ bass music doesn’t sound quite nice? With Spinning Into Control, your opinions about it might just be changed.

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