For the younger generation, it might be surprising to discover how Billie Holiday, whose music is defined by its muted and subdued crooning could possibly tap into an impressive emotional range; but that’s exactly the magic behind this legendary jazz singer. And as Holiday beautifully warbles a quiet serenade, a younger audience might realize that highly stylized vocal gymnastics aren’t the only weapons in a singer’s arsenal when it comes to making people feel their music.

With each note, the classic appeal of her voice sings about the joy of newfound love and the suffering of longing of unrequited love. Her songs are real and raw—artfully profound in its simplicity. And decades later, since she first graced the world with her melodic murmur, the haunting vocals of Billie Holiday still creates a deep sense of yearning among its listeners.

This 10-track collection is a far cry from the athletic display of vocal range that today’s artists are fond of—and where modern divas have their claws out, Holiday purrs. Does it make the jazz icon’s songs any less powerful? Of course not. It defines, instead, a smooth elegance for what are essentially universally messy matters of the heart into an aching ballad; and no matter what age you are, Holiday’s music is still what you listen to on lazy Sunday afternoons where you find there’s nothing else better to do but stay still and be pensive.

Officially under Public Domain you are more able to get this gem for free, share them with friends, and enjoy.

Track list:
1. Gloomy Sunday
2. God Bless the Child
3. Good Morning Heartache
4. Here is Tomorrow Again
5. He’s Funny That Way
6. I Can’t Get Started With You
7. I Cover the Waterfront
8. I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

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