Even though Anitek from Switzerland, may be referred to as an “underground” hip-hop producer, his music has developed a gigantic online following, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure why. With 11 albums already under his belt, Anitek’s impressively prolific output is all owed to his genuine and infinite love for music. “As you may have noticed… I make a lot stuff! That’s all I do… It makes me happy”, he mentions in his BandCamp bio.


“Grandiose” and “ambitious” are two of the earliest words that spring to mind as you head into ShiHo, considering the record’s sheer size – 41 tracks. This feeling only intensifies as you click play. Anitek’s collective experience of 16 years, playing the piano, cello, clarinet, guitar, trumpet and drums is given an epic (in every sense of the word) exhibition as he blends them all in a virtuous fusion.

Though the album may perfectly be described as a lush and ambient melodic medley, it feels unjust to do so. There are tracks that rappers would pray to rap over; then there are some that surround you and stimulate deep contemplation; and also a fair share of those that get you on your feet, swaying and skipping. Apart from trip-hop, Anitek’s leaning towards jazz makes frequent, prominent appearances, while funk and lounge come next in line.

Anitek, with his jaw-dropping experience and musical repertoire, is undoubtedly a producer of the highest ranks. Fans of electronic music are in for a thrill.

Favorite Track: HazyDaze


Track List
1. See Through Walls
2. Glenn
3. Durban
4. HazyDaze
5. Your Secrets
6. Pipes
7. Gnats
8. Rubber Band
9. LookOut
10. Lobster
11. Time To Go
12. Abyssal
13. Steady Freddy
14. No Words
15. Monkeys
16. Aquatic
17. #49
18. Freddy 2 Fingaz
19. Drum Science
20. Red Chairs
21. Last Minute
22. Final Layers
23. Hash Stash
24. Tea & Toast
25. Pelagic
26. Seafaring
27. Betablocker
28. Ash
29. Native Project
30. Micro Dots
31. Reversable
32. Omega Vibes
33. Maps
34. Fix It
35. Blue
36. Victim
37. New Castle
38. Bump In The Night
39. Second Thought
40. Stop Motions
41. Distance

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