billie holiday

Billie Holiday

For the younger generation, it might be surprising to discover how Billie Holiday, whose music is defined by its muted and subdued crooning could possibly tap into an impressive emotional range; but that’s exactly the magic behind this legendary jazz singer. And as Holiday beautifully warbles a quiet serenade, a younger audience might realize that highly stylized vocal gymnastics aren’t the only weapons in a singer’s arsenal when it comes to making people feel their music.

Shoshana Bush & Friends Live at Catalina Jazz Club

Discover a new kind of jazz in Shoshana Bush & Friends Live at Catalina Jazz Club. Armored with her West coast sensibility, Shoshana Bush is a jazz and blues vocalist that connects the beauty of music and the city. With renditions influences by Nina Simone, Blossom Dearie, and Ahmad Jamal, the young jazz artist creates her own arrangements based on instincts and her passion for multi-genre music.

Nomoredolls by Nomoredolls

Girl fronted rock band... another Paramore in the making? With the success of female fronted bands slowly on the rise again, Nomoredolls is taking a crack at the formula. Fronted by talented and highly energetic Cecilia Miradoli along with an equally diverse and talented band; Nomoredolls delivers alternative pop rock with a jagged edge. Although based in Italy, the group has written their tracks in English for a more worldwide appeal. This self titled debut gives you 12 powerful, energy driven pop rock songs that make you bounce around. Whether they have what it takes to make it big, you be the judge.