Moonlight marks the return of UK-based producer Vanilla after a two-year break. Giving the record a spin will show just how much refinement has been put into the artist’s now trademark style of jazzy hip-hop. Moonlight is the type of record to play when you need to study, have a nice talk with friends or simply lay down and chill. The album is incredibly smooth, atmospheric, even plain gorgeous at times. It carries a special air of magic few releases possess, and the fact it all feels so effortless makes going through these 19 tracks a very rewarding experience.

Vanilla, Moonlight

Moonlight is mainly a hip-hop album, but that’s selling it short. The cuts borrow heavily from Jazz, Soul, Funk, Electronic and other genres. The title track’s smooth percussion and eerie piano is a fine example of the mixture of styles found in Moonlight. Visions, Cold Outside and Keep On, as most songs, are led by a familiar, straightforward hip-hop beat with Vanilla adding the more exotic bits during the breaks. Pieces like Rise also focus on synth production to achieve a smooth, atmospheric vibe.

Vanilla’s greatest achievement with this release is how incredibly well all the cuts come together, resulting in a remarkable music album, instead of a collection of scattered tracks. Moonlight is a captivating experience from start to finish without being too flashy, a rare quality in today’s musical landscape. This one’s a must for fans of hip-hop and smooth instrumentation alike.

Favorite tracks: Rise, Keep On, Home, Sakura, Cold Outside.

Track List:
1. 2AM (Intro) 01:02
2. Sakura 03:16
3. Rise 04:06
4. Crystals 03:32
5. The Love 03:49
6. Forgettin’ 03:05
7. Cold Outside 03:38
8. Snowdance 04:45
9. Lazy Days 04:22
10. Time 03:37
11. Healer (Interlude) 00:59
12. Visions 06:46
13. Ritual 04:38
14. Fusion 04:28
15. Keep On 05:00
16. Waves 03:57
17. Home 04:17
18. Moonlight 03:55
19. Fuji Pt. II (Battlecry) (Bonus) 03:57

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