Let’s hop on the time machine and backtrack to Drake‘s ’07 release, Comeback Season. The 23-track mixtape showcases the rapper’s development as an artist.

The collection features collabs from various players in the industry such as Andreena Mill, Trey Songz, Dwele, Little Brother, Rich Boy, Malice Of The Clipse, Nickelus F, Richie Sosa, Robin Thicke, and Lil Wayne.


The beat drops in The Presentation, which features a balance between rhythm and flow. Listen as Drake spurts out smooth lines that seamlessly intertwine with R&B beats and chill trends.

In the title track, Comeback Season, fractured elements of soul is gradually imposed on a hip-hop mood board, creating a turn-up banger laced with sharp hooks and raw rapping.

Opening with rich soulful vocals that transcends into a body-grinding beat, The Last Hope is a stellar piece where rap lovers can devour on crisp lines that doesn’t try too hard to be in-your-face. Instead, in this personal favorite, Drake perfects the art of superb wordplay that’s in perfect cohesion with the rich, flavorful melodies.

All in all, Comeback Season has a certain charm that magnetizes hip-hop lovers and new converts. It’s a solid collection that invests in coherent, smooth lines and soul/R&B undertones.

Do you dig these tunes? If yes, then go ahead and download this refreshing mixtape by one of the hottest rappers of today.

Track List:
01. Intro
02. The Presentation
03. Comeback Season
04. Closer
05. Replacement Girl
06. Barry Bonds Freestyle
07. Going In For Life
08. Where To Now
09. Share
10. Give Ya
11. Dont U Have A Man
12. Bitch Is Crazy
13. The Last Hope
14. Must Hate Money
15. Asthma Team
16. Do What U Do (Remix)
17. Easy To Please
18. Faded
19. Underdog
20. Think Good Thoughts
21. Teach U A Lesson
22. Missin You (Remix)
23. Man Of The Year

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