Every day is a season for love and what better way to celebrate this wonderful feeling than with Tigerweather‘s latest release, Lani. Formed in 2010, Ryan Simpson, Andrew Brooks, Shawan Milton, and Joshua Allen decided to collaborate and create music that’s inspired by their life experiences, where listeners can relate to.

It was not a simple task as they had to drop their current projects that time and focus on Tigerweather. But everything paid off, as this EP as well as their previous ones (Luke and Cassandra), all embodied their ideals and musical vision.

Put on your sunnies and take a bite of wanderlust while opening track, Sunshine, plays on the background. Few seconds into the record and you’ll be enveloped with upbeat pop-filled tunes that are bursting with energy. The quick and witty vocals paired with rhythmic guitars adds to the fun vibe of the song.

Emerging from the same mold as of the previous track, Love Crazy is a radio-polished piece that’s reminiscent of Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. The track’s positivism is a breath of fresh air to the ears. Put this on loop and let this sonic gem turn that gloomy day around.


Title track Lani ends the album with a celebration of beats, whimsical keys, and strings. The saccharine intro slowly builds up into a plethora of lively instruments and melodies, all harmoniously working together to celebrate love.

Lani by Tigerweather is a feel-good album that will lift your spirit and put a smile on your face. Rain or shine, the tracks in this album is the perfect company to your day.

Track List:
1. Sunshine
2. Love Crazy
3. Every Little Thing
4. Keep Me True
5. Wasted On You
6. Beach Castle
7. Lani

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