Pop acoustic duo Benj Hear and Katrina Stone, better known as The Likes of Us, cooks up sonic goodies to treat old and new fans. In this ten-track, self-titled album, the pair tickles our ears with their affinity for 1940s writing and duets.

No Cure For Love charms us upon first play. With soft acoustic harmonies and a playful back-and-forth vocals, the song sounds like a fun game embellished in quirky lines and just the right amount of string on the background.


Painting whimsical soundscapes with signature whistling and ukulele, the duo delivers their version of Doris Day’s Dream A Little Dream of Me. With a lovely duet that hushes and flutters in every note, the pair puts their own twist in this Golden Girl classic.

The beat heightens in You Found Me. Rhythmic guitar string slowly builds into a celebration of acoustic instrumentation that reeks positive vibrations in every tune.

Closing the album is My Oh My, a pocketful of sunny melodies that’s bursting with syrupy ukulele strings. Listen and let The Likes of Us makes you strum, swing, and get lost in a paradise of sweet pop acoustic.

Rarely can you find music that will make you feel warm and at home, and The Likes of Us‘ sound is precisely that. Embracing rhythms and lyrics that pulse and touch the heart, this is a collection that’s equally comforting during a lazy Sunday afternoon or a busy Monday morning.

Track List:
1. No Cure For Love
2. Astronomy
3. More Than Friends
4. Dream A Little Dream of Me
5. Love Like This
6. Smooth Movin’
7. Charity
8. You Found Me
9. Lovesick
10. My Oh My

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