Ever wished you could play Android games on your desktop? Well with Andy you can, because it’s an Android simulator that lets you run games and apps in a sandbox. Unlike other simulators that just emulate specific apps on a customized UI, Andy is a fully immersive Android experience.

Andy requires 3 GB and 20 GB hard disk space minimum, but if you have the specs this is worth a download since it’s compatible with a large number of Android apps and games (a full list is available on the official website). Once you download and install the program, simply launch it and download apps from Google Play, similar to what you would do on your mobile except it’s your desktop.

In fact you can even do rooting and install Android apps that are not sold in Google Play if you know how it’s done. If you just want popular games and apps you don’t need to do this, but the advanced options are there. Look deep into the program settings and you’ll see that Andy is built from the Oracle VM Virtual Box, and you change the settings so your Android apps and games run more smoothly. There’s an Andy remote control app too if you want to play games wirelessly using your mobile device, so there are lots of options available.

If you’ve never used an Android simulator before, you’ll need to be a little patient with the installation as it can take some time, but usually it goes smoothly, and the official website and Facebook pages have troubleshooting guides.

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