Spread love, peace, and happiness through upbeat, pop acoustic pieces in High Dive Heart‘s latest EP, Vintage.

Hailing from Nashville, ASCAP award-winning iTunes Indie Songwriter, Jason Reeves, has collaborated with artists like Cobie Caillat, Lenka, Katharine McPhee, Angel Taylor, etc., while Nelly Joy is one of the members of the country duo, the JaneDear girls. Together, these two talented artists promises a delightful listening experience that will brighten any day.

Seconds into the title track, Vintage, and the listeners are treated with a spoonful of elements, which are sewn together by a solid rhythmic beat. The result is a light, playful piece that triggers the senses.

Death Of Me features a seamless vocal team-up between the two artists while touches of pop melodies and piano keys come in waves, creating variation in intensity. While Flower Child sticks to subdued acoustic strings combined with husky, earthy vocals to maintain a rootsy, textured vibe.


High Dive Heart delivers and goes beyond what is expected of them. The duo’s sheer amount of talent can create songs filled with beauty and delightfully unexpected turns.

Track List:
1. Vintage
2. Death Of Me
3. Flower Child
4. Vintage Acoustic

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