Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero is a cool puzzle game that’s been getting plenty of rave reviews online since it came out last year.  It’s a neat game where you find yourself playing a superhero that’s out to save the world from succumbing to a major technological disaster. Of course, your named Shocker because you are made of pure electricity. 

Your objective is to connect the blue blocks and make an exit without sliding out of the screen.

Considered to be one of the top games created last year, this cool puzzle game features 10 exciting levels that are so much fun to play. There’s also a level editor to customize the levels. The graphics are quite good and the whole gameplay experience is definitely one for the record books. One game you shouldn’t miss out. Gameplay for the game is interesting. You can use the four arrow keys when controlling Shocker. However, once you hit an arrow key, Shocker will keep heading towards that direction. He will only stop if he runs across either a blue or pink block, so you have to think ahead of time where you want him to go.

Our protagonist can also do cool backflips but only if he is standing on a blue or pink block. This move is quite helpful if you want to change directions.

If you want to challenge yourself, the game keeps count of how many moves you made to solve a particular puzzle so you might want to try and beat the developer’s records for fun. The game only carries about 10 stages, making it rather short if you go for story mode.

Overall, the game is quite fun to play. It incorporates cools graphics with an innovative gameplay that’s engaging for any kind of player. Go ahead and check it for yourself.

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