Need to resize an image or picture without fuss? PIXresizer could become your bestfriend for that. This little program can help resize all kinds of images and convert or save them in the right format that you want. It’s essentially image resizing without the fuss.

The program can be downloaded as a compressed file and works instantly without any problems. Convert all the images you need in a flash without going through a ton of headache. PIXresizer offers a single screen interface that is relatively easy to use. When using the program, the first thing to do is load the picture. Then choose the right size the you want using the radio buttons or simply type in the size on the spaces. Then select the right file format that you want to convert it to and press “Save Picture.” You can also convert a colored image into grayscale without any problem.

Despite the minimal file formats available (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, or TIFF) the program is still pretty neat. In fact, having a limited interface and features is one of the assets of PIXresizer. There are no confusing buttons or choices to make, just a very straightfoward way of resizing images.

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