Kismet: Wolf

Kismet is an indie-rock quintet from the city of Utrecht in Netherlands whose music cleverly combines the cool melancholy of post-rock with the vital elements o... Read More

Show Me A Dinosaur

Though the band's name and the pretty album-cover artwork may be deceiving, Show Me A Dinosaur are a black metal group from Russia, and their latest self-titled... Read More

North End: Cognoscere

If you don’t know which way to go, you might want to try heading to the ‘north end’. Excuse the pun, but rock music never sounded so good without vocals as North End‘s newest release, Cognoscere. As the Latin word for “to know” or “to learn”, the 20-minute EP definitely serves as a solid introduction for the act’s first-time listeners.

Wacky Southern Current: In a Realm of Uncertain Summer

Wacky Southern Current is a compilation of 9 tracks that herald a beautiful post rock feel. This time around, the artist returns to No-Source netlabel for releasing their second album, In a Realm of Uncertain Summer. The title is a bit misleading since the tracks are neither wacky nor completely Southern, in fact, it's a set of melodic, acoustic post rock that serves as a the ideal mood setter for your quiet moments. Made up of Marco Cervellin, the Italian instrumentalist manages to balance a range of genres in one relaxing record. This is slightly different from his first release, but it still captures fleeting emotions to a tee.

Strange Mangers: Strange Mangers

Quiet, post rock group from Boston, Strange Mangers, finally releases their melancholic and hypnotic self-titled debut compilation. Listening to the band's sound, you'll capture a whiff of melodic guitars, coupled with hazy vocals and an expansive range of sounds that seem to take you from dreamland, reality, and back. Although the band is still new and there's hardly anything about them online, their sound is enough to convince listeners that their post rock sound is worth checking out and listening to. Their album is currently available for free at BandCamp.

Interlude: 10000 ans de vengeance

Hardcore emo rock that starts and ends with lots of Spanish shouting. Although its often a bit challenging to absolutely love a song sung in a language you don't know, there are special tracks and albums that transcend beyond the language barrier. Interlude's 1000 ans de vengeance is certainly one that you can mark down on that list.