Rest your head above the clouds and listen to Waysayer’s soft serenade. Mornings is an album composed of six tracks released on December 2012.

Take a couple of deep breaths and dive in to the first track on this album. Breath In is a piece marvelously played with Waysayer’s guitar prowess. Hearing this song in a bright Sunday morning would make you think of just lying the whole day and succumbing into every dream you could possibly have.

Opening the album is Breath In, a charming ensemble of acoustic strings and earthly vocals. Press play and let this serene track lead you down to memory lane. The pleasant agreement between the string solos, subtle tempo, and hushed-down creates an easy-listening experience.

The Pull follows with lines bursting about love and getting pulled back from the one that you adore the most. This song is a romantic tune for a hungry heart.

Perfectly finishing the album is Mind the Sky. The combination of folk acoustic arrangement and accessible vocals will surely drift your body and soul to relaxation.

Whether your a folk aficionado or just seeking good music, Mornings by Waysayer will surely enlighten every atom in your body. So download, press play, and feel the pristine melodies sink within your very core.

Track List:
1. Breath In
2. Lost To Dreams
3. Lie With Me
4. Soul Awake
5. The Pull
6. Mind The Sky

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