Splish Splash Pong from Happymagenta is the latest game to follow the footsteps of Crossy Road, or games where animals cross a traffic heavy road. While Splash Pong bears some resemblance to the other games in this burgeoning genre, it’s got some original features too.

Your little pixelated duck swims / bounces on a pond; and apart from moving back and forth between barriers, picks up coins along the way. Of course things aren’t that easy since the waters are filled with hungry sharks. As with these kinds of games the basic idea is simple but mastering it is the challenge.

You tap the screen to move the duck back, and the more you play the better you’ll get at it. So Splash Pong basically comes down to boosting your score, gather the coins and spend them to get new avatars. As simple as it sounds there’s something engaging about it, and you’ll want to keep playing just to stay alive a bit longer, or push the score up.

A lot of attention has been given to the details, and the sound and graphics add to its charm. As you can see from the video above, it’s like a weird ping pong game that’s easy to pick up but it’s another thing to last more than a few seconds in. Fortunately the coins are not that hard to get, and you can earn more of these by watching some videos.

If you’re a fan of these cross the road games but want a bit of variety, then Splish Splash Pong will be worth a download.

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