Prep up your ears for a dose of yummy psychedelia.
Released last year, the self-titled album Kubaterra is the effort of NYC-grown Kuba Dobrowolski and his cohorts while on a trip to the land down under.

The boys proudly describe their music as “mind-bending pop,” an apt description of their shoegaze-laden sound and poignant lyrics.

Like what most of the music in this genre suggest, it is meant to be felt, not be mulled over mentally. (“Stop thinking, just do what you feel,” as they say on “Can You Hear It.”)

The 8-set collection starts strongly and emotionally with “If I Will,” a somber anthem about a man who went on a journey to find himself, but got lost instead. (Kuba’s story, perhaps?)

Another stand-out track is song #5, “We Are Everything,” a message about one’s acceptance of any present [personal] situation, good or bad. “It’s time to stop lying to myself that everything is fine all the time,” the boys croon.

An accompaniment to self-discovery, surely, is one that demands a thorough listen.

Track list:
1. If I Will
2. Don’t Keep Me Low
3. Streams
4. Can You Hear It
5. We Are Everything
6. Quay
7. Endless Try
8. Shy On Life

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