Totally Fine is ‘totally’ ramped up compared to their previous EP and it ‘totally’ works. Three very strong tracks guide this EP straight to the repeat setting.

Although Camden’s sound can simply be thrown into a the indie alternative rock genre, there’s something that sets Camden aside. Perhaps it’s their ability to blend everything just right, I can almost see the sound waves dancing away together as if it were their high school prom.


Lead by the strong vocals of Jason Sibilia, Boston four piece Camden release their best work to date. Along with the new rockier sound, lyrical charms set this to top shelve status. ‘Could you cut it California?’ sends Diamonds In Bloom straight into the fun sing-along you’ve been waiting for during that long commute to happiness.

Camden stays active by playing shows throughout the states, recently enjoying the Bushwick Walkabout Festival in NY with many other talents. A simple ‘like’ on their facebook will keep you posted on when they might be playing near you.


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