Best Fiends from game developer Seriously offers a unique combination of match 3 puzzle and adventure where your insects go up against slugs. As an RPG puzzle hybrid, the game is notable for its visuals and presentation, but it’s not just looks as there’s a solid gameplay here too.

As a match 3 puzzle your goal is to make connections among the icons to gather them. No need to worry about scores here because as long as you’re able to get the icons in the number of moves allowed, you will move forward.
You and your insects take part in simple battles like standard RPG games. Goals vary however, with some requiring you to defeat a certain number of slugs while in others you have to collect items of particular colors. In-between levels, the friends evolve and level up, enhancing their power and abilities akin to RPGs. When you’ve successfully made a match, your insects attack the slugs. The type of bugs that attack depend on the matches you have made. Connect flowers and Kwincy the spider comes in, in, while matching mushrooms activates Brittle the fly. To complete a level, you have to defeat a predetermined number of slugs or finish off several goals.

Best Fiends is a well-made match 3 game that combines familiar elements so it’s easy to get into, and at the same time has enough new features to keep it fresh and different from other match 3 titles. Overall this is a solid game and well worth a look.

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