There are lots of casual games on iTunes, but Bowmasters from Playgendary is more like a way of relaxing after a hard way. The objective of the game is to hurl projectiles at your enemies and knock them down, and while it sounds violent the funny and lighthearted presentation in the game makes it enjoyable and addictive..

When the game starts you find yourself face to face with your opponent on opposite sides. You take turns throwing items at each other like flags, javelins and other stuff, with the objective of diminishing their health bar and taking them down. To do this you just pull your finger to gain momentum, and you slide your finger up and down to find the right angle.

The first few times you attempt this you’ll probably fail since you’ll be trying to find the right angle. Once you get the hang of it though you can adjust the angles and get the best shot possible. Give it a few tries and you’re going to hit your opponent’s head with accuracy.

The more accurate your hits the bloodier your opponents end up, but since the graphics are cartoon-like so it’s more humorous than dark. One of the nice things about the game is the number of different characters you can play with. One looks like Deadpool, another like Ash from the Evil Dead, a shark, gamer girl and many others. You can play against your friends, take part in a tournament and play other modes where you hunt birds and more. In short there’s plenty here to keep you satisfied.

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