Bring back soul and substance in your daily music ritual through HONNE‘s EP entitled Warm on a Cold Night, a five-track teaser of the duo’s debut album with the same name.

Self-titled track Warm on a Cold Night opens the collection with vintage sound samples layered with low synths and syncopated funky beats that caramelizes into lush melodies for some ear loving music.

Kick back, grab a glass (or a bottle) of wine, and listen to the soulful harmonies of Someone That Loved You. Featuring emerging Brit artist Izzy Bizu and her jazz-tinged vocals, the track is a sultry material that envelopes the listener to a warm embrace in a cold night.

All In The Value follows with more vintage samples blended with HONNE’s distinct brand of slow-moving electro soul. The Night also comes from the same sonic mold like the previous track but with a more bubbly flair that appeals to both millennials and old souls.

Good Together closes the album with a mixture of vibrancy and pure chillness. The song transcends into a vivid chorus of feel-good alternative arrangement.

HONNE’s Warm On A Cold Night is a slow-burner collection that reworks the definition of alternative music with old soul sonic goodies.

Rarely does an EP as good as this comes your way, so do yourself a favor: put on your headphones and get lost in HONNE’s rich music.

Track List:
1. Warm On A Cold Night
2. Someone That Loves You
3. All In The Value
4. The Night
5. Good Together

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