We’ve featured tons of compilation records here on the blog before. Adding one more can’t hurt, right? So here’s a little something from indie label, Eitherorrecords.

The company is described as a label created by musicians for fellow musicians. Specializing in a variety of indie rock, punk, emo and summer rock bands, the label is the perfect haven for new artists.

This is the third compilation from them and it’s a nice venue to discover brand new groups to add to your regular playlist.

Either/Or and More Vol. 3 is  one hefty compilation. It’s composed of about 30 tracks from the independent label, Eitheror Records.

The compilation is made up of bands that were part of their roster since they formed back in 2009. It’s a big list to go through but luckily there are plenty of great picks on here.

For instance, opening single from Turnover, is pretty good. It’s a standard pop punk track from the Virginia-based band. Fast, chanty vocals, distorted guitars and overall, fun beat; it’s a perky start for the record. There’s also a nice Beach Boys cover from Michigan band, Citizen. They did a pretty good job creating a slightly updated version of Barbara Ann.

A few other tracks worth the mention include Alison Weiss’ Fingers Crossed, Beast Makes Bomb’s 1,2,3,4 and final track from His Day Has Come, Where I Belong. You’ll find a ton of other great tracks on here. It’s a great album to sort through so take a listen and enjoy!

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