Listening to Summertime’s End will make you think of sweet and feel-good moments where you just lounge and simply love life.

Light And Colour is a beautiful compilation made up of candy coated pop that makes you want to just bathe in sunshine and enjoy. The young musician behind the sound is 19-year old Daniel Throssell. Using pianos, guitars and with the help of his mates, he creates dreamy indie pop music that’s perfect for anyone with some serious love for the genre. Quite perfect for anybody who loves Owl City or Relient K

Light and Colour isn’t the artists’ first album, in fact, he’s had quite a few under his belt starting with the 2010 record, With Love From Where You’re Not. Creating a sound that is essentially, “musical candy;” the singer admits that not everyone might be into it but so far he’s been getting great response. And that’s to be expected, after one listen you’ll realize it’s hard not to fall for the sweet melodies and simple yet catchy hooks that surround each track on the record.

Offered at two different versions, fans can opt to grab the record as a free download or get 4 bonus tracks as well as help out the singer by getting the paid version. Regardless of which one you go for, the songs showcases the artist’s talent and penchant for dreamy electro/acoustic pop music.

From the onset, opening single Valentine’s Day instantly brightens up your mood thanks to its piano infused pop beat and lyrics that talk about being grateful for meeting the love of his life. It’s appropriately titled too since the album itself was released on that same date. Meanwhile, most of the tracks on the album revolve around the subject of love, faith, and life; with each cut featuring a bit of the singer’s personal thoughts and conviction.

Moreover, the vocals add a genuine warmth and sincerity to the lyrics; making you feel as if you’re listening to someone who just pulled out their guitar in front of you and started singing.

Overall, even if you’re not completely sold on this type of music, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a song or two you can fall in love with in this album. Summertime’s End has a knack for tugging at your heartstrings and appealing to any listener’s romantic and dreamer side. Go ahead and take a listen.

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