Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan Dimmel not only writes music for himself but also plays in the band Satellites and Sirens.

So what does Jonathan Dimmel have that separates him from his fellow indie rock and rollers? His songs are heavily inspired by rotations on many contemporaries that helps fill the void in the indie rock genre.

The Worst and Best feels like a welcome return of a long lost memory which kept all of the good qualities and yet discovered some new experiences to keep things interesting.


You’ve Got It is dynamically written which gave the song more textures and nuances. Lover At Night is an emotionally flavored track whose monotonous vocals compliments the serious lyrics.

Learn From Me bolsters a pop tune that can easily linger in your mind for hours, even days. Lastly, My Thoughts beautifully reflects Dimmel’s uncanny ability to play the acoustic guitar and well written songs.

The album is available as a free download on Jamendo.

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