Burly is a Sean Fournier’s side project. “Worthy” has all characteristic qualities of Sean’s previous creations – the melancholic voice, clear piano & guitars and carefully crafted lyrics, but with a tiny spin. To hear more from Burly, fans need to ‘Like’ his songs on Facebook. After a song accumulates a specific number of fans, another is published.

Hope the experiment works, because I would sure love to hear more complex and longer track as the #2 – 44 seconds of “Worthy” is not enough!!!

Life is a sinking ship
We poke our own holes.
We look to the sky above
to not lose control.

And through it all
the storm must be braved.
In the end I’ll pray
that I am worthy to be saved.

If you’ve already ‘Liked’ Burly, but want more NOW, check out Sean’s Free Album “Oh My”.

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