The Trail from Kongregate is an adventure game where your character embarks on a journey to the New World. Unlike other mobile games, the Trail has an immersive storyline that’ll keep you exploring and playing further. As an explorer you’ll get involved in trading, crafting and interacting with other characters to survive.

The controls are simple. Drag left or right to control the camera view, and swipe up and down to start walking. To adjust your walk or run, hold down your character and drag down or up. However it’s best to walk, not run, because that’s going to deplete your energy quickly.

The game opens up with a tutorial that explains the gameplay, and one of the things you’ll learn is how important eating is. As you explore, collect as much food as you can to keep your stamina up. Meat is most ideal, but you’ll also need fruits. To eat, just tap your backpack and select the food you want to eat.

During your exploration you’ll need to collect various items. Bandanas and other types of headgear increase your hearts / stamina so they’re important. You’ll also need shirts to boost your health, as the more clothes you have the more items you can carry.

As the Trail progresses, you’ll take part in various quests: these usually involve getting items and so on. Complete these and you’ll learn new ways to prepare food. In addition you’ll do some crafting and encounter other gatherers whom you can learn from. Any way you slice it, The Trail is a compelling game.

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