Will Hero from Zplay is a one-touch platform game that should suit casual gamers. Like any good mobile platformer, Will Hero has simple controls and a gameplay that anyone can pick up. The game does not have any complicated plots or stories, and that is ideal for a lot of gamers who play intermittently.

In Will Hero you tap the screen to jump from one platform to another, killing enemies in the process. No complex story here, just tap to attack, duck and run your efforts to rescue the princess.

When you do rescue the princess she is going to fight with you and she is armed too. Will Hero also requires you to do some exploring to find weapons, bombs, power-ups and so on. You start the game without any weapons but you can find a few quickly. From swords, axes, and knives there is no shortage of armament here.

As far as one-touch games go Will Hero gets it right in all the right spots. The unique enemies, weapons, and gameplay keep it from becoming repetitive.

Helmets are important in Will Hero and you can find them in the treasure chests scattered throughout the game. Apart from platforming you also get to create towers, venture into dungeons and explore various areas in the game.

The pixelated style graphics suit the style of play and the difficulty progresses smoothly, not too hard or too light. If you have played other mobile platform titles before, the mechanics here will be really easy.

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