The best is yet to come for The Grammar Club, an alternative hiphop collective group that’s comprised of rotating musicians with different styles, creating albums that are distinct with one another.

Lead by Beefy and Shae Riley, Bioavailableis a seven-track collection that features a great lineup of guest vocalists such as Adam Warrock, Wheelie Cyberman, Jesse Dangerously, MC Frontalot, Wordburglar, and Kabuto the Phyton. The album was produced by Shae Riley and Ty Guenley.

Minutes within the album and you’ll immediately see why The Grammar Club has attracted a lot of attention in the indie scene. The collective attempts to combine mainstream pop and hiphop, producing a funky-ish upbeat rapping evident in the opening track Plastic Submarine.

Making room for experimentation, Sex Person featuring Wordburglar kicks it hard with danceable beats and clean lines. The chorus vibrates a steady energy that’s perfect for steady partying.

Boasting the same sass as the previous track, Get Laid is an easy-listening piece that makes use of evocative guitars and crisp notes. Last Good Day wraps the album with alternative pop stylings and moderate tempo. Riley’s smooth vocals blends well with Wheelie Cyberman‘s precise rapping.

Quality and style-wise, Bioavailable beats a lot of mainstream album as it presents a new taste for hiphop aficionados. So download, press play, and let this brilliant geekiness that is The Grammar Club fill your ears.

1. Plastic Submarine
2. Phonin’ it in
3. Sex Person
4. Get Laid
5. Four Fine Walls
6. No Worry Birdie
7. Last Good Day

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