Flat Swamp: El Jefe

There is always something to be admired about musicians who dive into the industry as a solo act yet able to present a layered and strong output. Case in point, Flat Swamp aka Theo Hartlett. But throughout the years, Hartlett’s endeavors have blossomed into a full band composed of other members Morgan Luzzi, Jesse Weiss and Kyle Kearney.

brightener: make real friends EP

So… you’ve been hounding FrostClick for some collegiate pop-rock. Well, here it is: Give brightener’s latest EP, make real friends, a spin. (The lowercased names were deliberately done, for some needed deviance, what else.) As the moniker of Will Sturgeon, the EP is the result of his post-college break – a vacation, if you will – attributing to the chill vibe of the four-track collection.

The Artifacts

Only a year old and The Artifacts are already establishing themselves in the indie music world. Their self-titled debut is an awesome cocktail of rock, blues, funk and pop that all mix well to create a unique and stand-out sound. Made up of trio Jon Wan on keyboard, Zo Brecher on drums and Leo Cancelmo on guitars; the New York based outfit has managed to create a collection of tracks that resonate with charm and passion.

Diamond Youth: Don’t Lose Your Cool

A remnant from the bygone era of 90s alternative pop rock, Diamond Youth would've have stood comfortably alongside bands like Jimmy Eat World. Don't Lose Your Cool rolls in with a bunch of catchy indie alternative tracks that resemble an awesome college radio playlist. You'd never guess it from their current sound but the members of the Baltimore crew came from hardcore bands, Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing. They're currently making waves with their brand of quieter yet catchy sound with this compilation.

West the Defender: Don’t Tell My Girlfriend

A six man band which was formed three years back in the east coast state of New Jersey, West The Defender enjoys drawing up inspiration from band behemoths like The Beatles, The Eagles, Incubus, Weezer, and Fountains of Wayne. Theyve also had their share of live performance stints at some of the best stages in their area such as The Stone Pony and Asbury Convention Hall. You can expect the same amount of indie-pop-rock in their first full-length album Dont Tell My Girlfriend.

Les Vinyl: Thinking Overthinking

Les Vinyl is a band you turn to for some fun alternative indie rock. Hailing from Staten Island, New York; the group likes to keep things simple with a traditional band setup. The quartet delivers a sound that's every part familiar indie rock yet with beautiful catchy hooks and a quirky touch. It's this mixture of simplicity and eccentricity that makes the band a worthy act to watch out for. ThinkingOverThinking is their latest effort and features music that's reminiscent of early Weezer (including the cheeky lyrics.)

Tussie-Mussie: From Rough to Calm Seas

Claiming to write songs about girls, this indie pop group only lists "Jon" (Jon Torres) as its member. I guess good music doesn't really require much names as the band seems to have a knack for creating catchy indie folk pop cuts. From Rough to Calm Seas is the artists' latest effort. It's a short 4-track EP that's filled with pop music with a hint of surfer sound. Weezer, Pavement and The Beach Boys are some of the bands that have influenced their sound. Indeed, you'll hear this feel-good, sometimes quirky sound that most of the bands mentioned above are known for.