Tap Titans 2 from Game Hive follows the RPG / tapping style of the original game, and it works. If you loved the first game then you’re going to enjoy this one as it offers more of the same, and the graphics have been improved. You’ll do a lot of tapping yes, but it’s immersive.

Tap Titans 2 follows the basic setup of other tappers. Here you’re a sword wielding warrior, and by tapping the screen you’ll take down the enemies swarming at you. It’s all about tapping, tapping and tapping. With this kind of control it’s easy to see how anyone can get into Tap Titans 2 quickly.

The longer you play the more intense the game gets, but you’re not without help as you can snatch gold from your fallen enemies. Use the gold to strengthen your hero’s capabilities and hire other warriors to help you out. Once you’ve got allies, they’ll inflict damage on your opponents even if you don’t tap them.

Tap Titans 2 allows you to reinforce your hero’s skills, and you’ll be able to unlock their new skills including those from your allies. Like other tappers you’ll want to get ahead in the numbers and try to beat the big bosses. One of the bigger challenges is there’s a time limit, so you’ve got to fight back.

At first Tap Titans 2 might seem overwhelming with all the tapping, but you’ll eventually find your rhythm when it comes to tapping. While Tap Titans 2 doesn’t really change the genre, this is still a good game.

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