Snake and color based games are very popular among mobile device users today, so why not combine both? That is what Crazy Labs has done with Snake vs Colors, a game with a deceptively basic concept that somehow works. It looks like something you’ve played before but it’s a lot of fun and combines strategy with simplicity.

The goal is to avoid hitting obstacles and not make contact with color except that of the snake. To do this you drag your finger across the screen left or right. Sounds simple and it is, but the colors change quickly so you need rapid reflexes.

You’re going to die a few times – maybe more – but keep playing and you’ll improve and go further. One of the things to keep in mind is that the colors change so you can’t memorize them. However, the simple controls give you a fair opportunity to advance. The gameplay is smooth and it doesn’t take long before you develop a rhythm.

The different layouts require different approaches, and that is part of what makes the game appealing. In some cases, you’re better off moving at the edges while in others you can take in the center. The controls are responsive and that’s good since later levels require some accuracy. Snake vs colors has streamlined graphics and that suits the gameplay. It’s nothing fancy but as far as casual games go, this is a cut above the rest.

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