Egg Inc. from Auxbrain is an idle clicker, and like other idle clicking / tapping games, it’s very easy to get into. However there is more to this than just tapping like crazy as there’s a story here to keep you going. Couple that with the cool graphics and addictive gameplay, no wonder it’s hard to put down.

The story goes that in the future, eggs have the answers to the biggest secrets and answers all our needs. Eggs have become the new gold rush, and the more eggs the bigger your business will be.

There are a couple of ways to generate eggs. The most obvious is to just keep tapping the red box. The more you click the more chickens pop up in your farm. Now you just have to wait for the chickens to hatch and give you those eggs.

As your eggs increase, so does the number of upgrade options that become available. Should you upgrade your egg producing capabilities or increase your vehicles? Should you upgrade the barns or silos instead? These are the decisions you have to make.

Egg Inc. also comes with several missions which focus on helping your business expand. You may also have to take down drones by tapping and also a few others. You don’t have to do all the missions, but it adds to the overall experience. As you might expect from this type of game, there’s more than a bit of humor here.

The eggs you deal are upgraded when you reach certain milestones, and this indicates how far you’ve progressed. With lots of features and goals to achieve, it’s easy to get into Eggs Inc.

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