Ever wonder what a black hole is? Scientists still do not know a lot about it, but what we do know is that it absorbs everything including light. What does that have to do with Hole io? Well, that is the basic idea behind this game from Voodoo, as you are a black hole whose goal is to consume everything.

The game is set in a three-dimensional city and your objective is to slide the black hole under buildings, cars, people, everything. Once they are under the black hole the object gets sucked in and disappears just like the real thing.

You control the black hole by moving and dragging your finger on the screen. Just touch and drag your finger in the direction you want it to go. It sounds easy, right? The more you eat, the bigger the hole gets, but it gets harder and harder as the game goes on.

Hole io comes with multiple modes including Friends, Solo Run, Timer, and Classic. The most exciting of these modes is probably Classic where 20 players start from the out and compete to be the largest black hole and win. The other modes are also exciting and offer plenty of replayability.

Hole io has a simple gameplay, but you will last longer by starting off with the people as they slide in more quickly. Some of the other objects like lamp posts are a bit harder. When competing against other players, speed is of the essence as you need to grow fast.

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