Snowboarding games are nothing new on mobile, but Alto’s Adventure by Snowman raises the standard when it comes to gameplay and graphics. It is challenging, but the simple controls means you can get into it easily. There are the standard power ups and coins to collect, but Alto’s Adventure is more than that.

You control the character by tapping the screen. If there’s an obstacle in the way, tap the screen to over it. Tap and hold to do some fancy tricks, and don’t forget to grab the power ups around you. So basically you just tap to jump and tap hold to flip. It’s simple enough, and there’s certain tranquility as you pass by the mountains.

Alto’s Adventure lets you grind on bunting strings, and you can chain grinds and flips to get a higher score. As you snow board, make sure to collect the coins and get the llamas. You also have to face several challenges, such as covering a specific distance or performing a specific number of moves.

As the background changes from day to night, you’ll see the shadows change, and it’s cool to see villages lighting up as it gets dark. As the game progresses, you’ll need to make bigger and bigger leaps, but the game is never unfair. Because the controls are easy to remember, you can get into the game easily.

Alto’s Adventure is available free on Android, but the iOS is a paid app.

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