Pinchworm by Unity & Variety is one of the most popular games on the iOS today, and that’s not surprising as it takes a simple premise and turns it into an addictive game. You are a worm and an evil bird has abducted your love, and to get her you need to move under flowers, leap over rocks and face other obstacles.

Controls are simple enough: slide your thumbs to make your worm jump, and slide apart your fingers to make it dive. What’s challenging is the number of obstacles in your way such as flagpoles, hills, rocks and other stuff. If you bump into any of these obstacles three times, it’s game over.

The longer you play the more characters you will be able to unlock, and you can keep track of your points total at the Game Center leaderboard and play with your buddies. When you unlock characters, they come with their unique settings and some like to go under flagpoles, but if you want to play in the original environment you can do so too.

Pinchworm is easy to get into but difficult to advance because while the controls are simple, you need to act quickly. Unlike other casual games, this one actually has a story and a good one at that, so it’s another reason to keep playing the game. Another thing is the obstacles in your way are vertical while your controls are horizontal, so it takes a bit of getting used to.

For all the challenges however, Pinchworm is a game you’ll want to come back to again and again. It’s fun, the story is engaging and it has that “I will do better next time” vibe to it.

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