Random Heroes from Ravenous Games takes the classic sidescroller shooter and gives it a new spin. A dimensional portal has been opened, ushering in the end of the world and it’s up to you to make sure that doesn’t happen. Familiar theme, but it’s a different game.

Long time gamers will recognize an old flash game with a similar title, and this is more than just a by the numbers port. This is an 8 bit shooter with a couple of controls for jumping and shooting at the enemies and obstacles coming for you.

As your enemies fall they are turned into coins. You have to collect these coins as they become costumes and guns which you’ll need for the tougher levels ahead. You have the option to quickly buy weapons with the coins, or you can save them for the really big guns. You can purchase more weapons with micro transactions, but it is not necessary as there are lots of coins here.

Random Heroes is also notable for its 8 bit depictions of popular characters like Neo, Indiana Jones and Robocop among others. Like a good sidescroller, there are several stages in the games with a big boss in the end.

Random Heroes presents challenges, but it is not impossible and you will get the hang of it with regular playing. You may die a few times during the game, but learning to dodge enemy fire is part of the fun. If you love 2D scrollers, then check out Random Heroes.

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