Welcome the colors of spring with Chillhop Records‘ new collection that’s intricately curated to encapsulated this splendid season.

In Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2017, listeners are treated with twenty songs from twenty talented hip-hop artists including Flamingosis, Aso, GYVUS, and Mono: Massive to name a few.

Sun In My Face by Aso is a fitting opening track for the collection with its minimalist melodies and subtle beauty. Listen as a soft-cooing piano intro slowly mesh with chillhop beats, creating a contrast between beat and flow.

FlamingosisEcstacy (Pay the Price) exudes classic elegance by churning out soul-driven melodies that caramelizes in the ears. Meanwhile, Philanthrope – Sodium (feat. TESK) is a conflation of atmospheric soundscapes and slow rhytmic beats to create a smooth listening experience.

Brock Berrigan‘s Crossing Paths brims with sonic flavor, utilizing fluid jazz tunes that slither and curl with edgy hiphop beats.

Despite its theme revolving around spring, the tracks in this collection are timeless gems that blend well in any mood, weather, or season.

Track List:
1. Aso – Sun In My Face
2. Flamingosis – Ecstacy (Pay the Price)
3. Birocratic – Sleepyface
4. Mono:Massive – Attila
5. saib. – spring waltz
6. GYVUS – Koi
7. nymano x Pandrezz – you should have known
8. Limes – Cocktails
9. Philanthrope – Sodium (feat. TESK)
10. Juan RIOS – Colores
11. Brock Berrigan – Crossing Paths
12. tomppabeats – one two step
13. Handbook – Rose Gardens
14. Ian Ewing – Trinidad
15. Devaloop x Flitz&Suppe – Sacrifice
16. Vanilla – Blue Sun
17. invention_ – sprxng
18. Elijah Nang – Haru
19. Figub Brazlevič – Father & Son
20. baaskaT – stryman

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