If isn’t broke don’t fix it, and State of Play Games has taken this to heart. The original Kami was well received for being a seemingly simple puzzle game that became more challenging the more you played. Kami 2 is more of the same and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The goal is to color swap until the screen has the same hue. Just choose the color you want to modify and tap another color to replace it. Sounds simple enough but it gets harder as the patterns become more intricate and require more thinking.

You only have a finite number of moves, and this becomes more difficult as the patterns and colors increase. Removing all but one color is easy in theory but it’s more difficult if you only have X number of turns to do it.

There are daily challenges you can take on, and you can try and solve creations made by other users. There is also a level editor for those who feel like creating their own puzzles. And like the original Kami you also get the cool effect when the screen gets colored.

The average moves required are 3 to 5, but you still need to be careful as there’s no way to undo a mistake. However that is just a minor issue and overall Kami 2 is a well-crafted game. Yes there are no major changes from the first game, but in this case it is a good thing. Lastly, being able to take on other puzzles created by other users increases its lifespan and playability.

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