Escape the Titanic for the iOS is a classic puzzle game that places you in the doomed ship. By solving the puzzles and escaping from the lower levels, you’ll be able to get out of the lower decks and escape the ship before it sinks. It’s an interesting set up from developer FreshGames, and the puzzles are compelling enough to keep you going.

You are a third class passenger and located on the lower decks. One evening you are awakened by the sound of a sudden jolt as the ships strike an iceberg. You know something is wrong and you have to get to the upper decks. However you are stuck at the lower levels. To get to the next level you need to solve the puzzles that are in your way.

There are different kinds of puzzles in Escape the Titanic, some mathematical and others picture-based. Some of the more challenging puzzles need some dexterity on your part. Unlike other puzzle games out there, Escape the Titanic has a nice mix of puzzles that you can, with patience, solve.

Escape the Titanic also has many tips scattered throughout the game that will help you solve each puzzle. You have the option to pay for more tips to solve it, but if you’re patient you can still solve the puzzles here. Even if you don’t pay for the tips, you can just go around the game poking around and you’ll be able to solve a lot.

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